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Hello TweakBlasters, Here comes another feature of WhatsApp that is so cool called WhatsApp text-based. The feature added awhile ago which am sure will give the users great message

WhatsApp has updated its Status feature to allow users to just post text-based updates for their friends to see. Instead of having a photo or video as your status, you can now just type text or insert a URL. Users will be able to customize the color of the font and the background.

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WhatsApp Status was originally a feature where users only had text based status messages that would be visible next to their names in the contacts list. After Facebook caught the Snapchat Story bug and decided to add stories to everything, the humble WhatsApp Status feature was upgraded to have Instagram (or rather Snapchat) style stories where users could upload images or videos for their friends to see. You can say the feature has now come full circle, eventually letting users to share text again like they used to but in a different way.

As with regular Status stories, you can choose who can see the text status and also see who has seen your message just like the picture/video status.

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Hello Tweakblasters, Here Comes the latest GB WhatsApp.

Download GB Whatsapp v6.10 apk GB Whatsapp latest version apk Download GB Whatsapp plus free apk.

GB Whatsapp is moded by OMAR.Download GB Whatsapp with 3 Packages.Install Three GB Whatsapp in one Phone.GB Whatsapp 6.10 apk Base- 2.16.363.

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Hello Guys, Here we have brought you the latest version of your favorite GB Whatsapp. Now download GB WhatsApp latest version APK (v6.25) to enjoy latest new features and tricks of it. Upgrade to the latest version to make more fun.

If you have not heard about GB Whatsapp before, then here we clear about it to you. GB Whatsapp is an app to help you to create and run two WhatsApp account in one Android device. It can be installed and run on both non-rooted and rooted Android devices without any problem. It also comes with cool features which you will not get in your default Whatsapp. The GB-Whatsapp is much better than the WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp. So, download and install the new version of GBWhatsapp from below. Also, check out the best cool features of GB Whatsapp which we have mentioned below.

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Download GB WhatsApp for Android

Key Contents

0.1 Cool Features of GB WhatsApp:
0.1.1 What’s new in GBWhatsApp 5.70 APK:
1 Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version 5.70
1.1 Version Info Download older versions of GB WhatsApp:
Cool Features of GB WhatsApp:

Hide Last Seen without any problem in one click.
Send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250.
Preview of photos and videos without any loading.
Privacy tricks like Hiding second blue tick.
Theme store to install new themes.
No copy of date and name while copying multiple messages.
Send a video of size 50MB instead of 16MB.
Send 90 images (photos) at once instead of 10.
Copy friends status in one click.
Change app icon and notification icon from settings.
Update status up to 250 characters instead of 139.
And many more features, Try and use it to find.
Sorry: Not available for Apple iPhones ( iOS devices ).

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What’s new in GBWhatsApp 6.25 APK:

Update to new base Whatsapp version to 2.17.146
Size: Send a video of size up to 50 MB (previously 30 MB)
Exclusive: Go to the 1st message of any conversation
New: Send games, programs and any kind of files
Exclusive: Install any 3 conversations at the top of your list
Added: Option helps in preventing anyone acknowledging that you have seen their status
Exclusive: Hide any conversation
Fixed: Problem that shut down the app by force in some devices
Add: An option will alert you when a contact changes his DP
Exclusive: Convert video of any size to a moving image and send it
Added: 13 new launcher icons added for the app
Other reforms and bug fixes


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