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Hello TweakBlasters. Am going to talk about the usefulness of Social Media

Put simply, social networking is a way for one person to meet up with other people on the Net. That's not all. though, Some people use social networking sites for meeting new friends on the Net. Other's use it to find old friends. Then there are those who use it to find people who have the same problems or interests they have, this is called niche networking.

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What's Niche Networking?

A niche is a specialized group of something larger.

So niche networking sites are specialized groups of social networking sites. There are niche networking sites for people who want to learn a language and niche networking sites for people who want to control their finances. There are niche networking sites on all sorts of topics. You can probably find a niche networking site on just about anything.

A good example of a niche networking site would be Athlete Focus. This is a niche networking site just for athletes that are into action type sports. Another example of a niche networking site is 43Things which is a niche networking site set up for people who have goals they want to accomplish.

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How Do I Find Old Friends?

It's fun, especially for us of the "older" crowd, to go on social networking sites and hunt down old friends that we've lost contact with over the years, you can do that easily from Facebook.

What's Out There Besides Facebook

There are many social platform out there apart Facebook. They as include Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat even 2go for old time is still a social platform will use reach a Friends.

What Will I Get Out of Social Networking?

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Friendship, community, a sense of belonging. Help with a problem or information on a condition you may have. People who like the same things you like or listen to the same music you listen to or need the same thing you need. A place to add your photos, let people view your videos and listen to your favorite music. What more could you want?


As said above you should join a social media now. There are plenty of things to do online.
Hello TweakBlasters, Today am gonna talk about the categories of android app that can harm your device. Keep reading.

Depending on the device maker, most Android devices have more bloatware than others which is can make your phone misbehave after uninstalling them. Similarly, there are apps that are not bloatware but are not installed by the device user. They are installed by other applications either as Add-on, Plugin, Advert, etc.

4 Categories of Apps you should Avoid on Your Android

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Today I will show you category of apps you should avoid so as to keep your device in a perfect state:

1. Untrusted Auto-start Apps
Untrusted apps that run on the start of your device, are very dangerous to your device. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook app for Android are perfect examples of apps that auto start but if you have any app installed from a 3rd party site or from anywhere else which autostarts, you should consider hitting the uninstall button.

How to uninstall these Apps

Go to Settings -> Apps -> “ALL” or “Downloaded Apps” click on the apps you wish to uninstall and uninstall them.

2. Apps with Too many Ads
To have enough support and development for apps, developers add ads to their Apps. There are tons of trusted Ads network developers use in their apps e.g AdMob by Google. But when you start seeing too much adult adverts, or app is controlling itself then such apps are dangerous. How? Easy, all trusted Ads network rarely serve ads with adult content and they take strict actions on publishers who use tricky ways to get conversions for their Ads. Lastly, trusted Ad Network will serve relevant Ads because they track your activities online.

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3. Apps With Max Ram / Space Requirements
Avoid apps that require too much RAM, a perfect example is games with OBB+APK. These apps consume not just the RAM but also battery life and this can result in your device getting laggy unless you have a beast RAM powered device.

There are also other apps that have higher RAM and space consumption, something like our dear Facebook App.

4. Mobile Launchers / Boost Apps
Oh my God, the funniest part of this is when you install a Battery Saving app and it’s the same app that drains your battery.


Apps that clear your device background activities but remain up themselves? I’m not totally against these apps but believe me, they waste your Device Storage, Battery, Time also. The main thing those apps does is to kill all background process and you can do that manually too but somehow tedious. (if you have root Greenify is a recommended app for this)

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Hello TweakBlasters, Recently I gave Tutorial On How To Download Medias From Instagram, but Today I will continue by teaching How to do the same in Twitter
Keep reading.

How To Easily Download Medias from Twitter

How to Download Medias From Twitter
The other day I was browsing through Twitter then I came across a Video on Twitter which I have no other choice but to download. Yes, just streaming the video isn’t enough for me. Then, I tried using Vidmate to download the Video since it downloads medias from almost all social medias to my surprise the download button came but I wasn’t able to download. why? The download button didn’t work.

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Then, I met this awesome app and it’s worth sharing with others so they won’t have to go through some kind of hard steps like I did before being able to download the video on Twitter.

Saver For Twitter

With this awesome app, you can download Twitter videos, gif, and images quick and easy! Not just that, you can use this app as your default Twitter viewer so each time you need to download a Video or other thing you won’t just have to copy the link every time.

How to Save From Twitter Using Saver For Twitter

Saving by inserting link to Tweet
Launch the app, Click on By Tweet Link, there you can save by inputting the direct link to the video, GIF or anything and finally click on the red floating download button and your download starts immediately.

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Using as Twitter Browser
You can use this app to browser Twitter, it’s fast and secured. every time you come across any media, then you download.
Cons of Saver for Twitter
You will see Ads in the app, and that’s not even a problem since that is a source of the developer keeping the app up and running, I mean maintenance.

Which app(s) do you use to download medias from Twitter? Share with us using the comment box below!

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How to Easily Download Medias From Instagram

Instagram is a very popular network where pictures and videos with little texts are shared, apparently a social media where everyone communicates with images, GIFs, Videos also with text support to serve strictly as caption.

Sometimes, you stumble on medias you really need to have a copy with you and the best thing to do is screenshot. (To screenshot, press your volume down and power button simultaneously and then boom, works on almost all Androids and some iOS).

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Today, I’m sharing with you a wonderful app you might have probably stumbled before or not.

InstaSaver is the most unique tool that lets you download any Instagram video or picture directly from the Instagram feed. No login needed. No special credentials.

How to use Instasaver

1. Turn on InstaSaver by taping on the main switch below the InstaSaver logo.

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2. Select Copy Share URL on any public photo or video, a notification will prompt up from which you can choose to download the photo/video or share it.
When InstaSaver switch is turned off, you can download Instagram photos & videos manually by pasting the Share URL into the app.
You don’t have to go back and forth between the app and Instagram.


Using this app simultaneously with other memory consuming app can result it your device becoming laggy.
Too much Ads.
This information is strictly for Android users.

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Hello TweakBlasters. It been a while, Today am gonna teach how to send Folder On WhatsApp. So without wasting much time let's get to business.

WhatsApp  recently introduce some cool features, including sending of document files (.pdf, .txt and .doc), all other file formats were not supported but you can edit apk to either .doc or .txt to be able to send it. but I will show you a how to send folder and  files of any extension to your contact on WhatsApp.

The method requires ES File Explorer or any advance file explorer (which I know everyone has) and the raw folder or file you want to send.

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How Can I Send A Folder on WhatsApp?

Use this same method for sending a file:
1. Using ES Explorer, Locate the folder and open it.
2. Select all part of the folder you’d like to send.
3. Click On option and finally, select compress.

4. After compressing successfully, proceed to change the extension from .zip to .doc
5. Now you can share the folder with anyone on whatsapp.

The pro of this method is it’s time saving feature and it’s con is you can’t send without compressing and the receiver won’t be able to view until he decompress it back (if he have issues with decompressing, give him a link to this article)

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Now, if you have successfully sent the folder, the process to decompress is quite simple and I guess most standard phones don’t require any third party apps to do this:
After successfully downloading the .doc folder, change the extension to .zip and then you can open it now. If you even want more access, you can proceed to extract the files inside.

On the other hand, you might have issues with whatsapp file limit 25MB or so ,to bypass this download any cracked version of whatsapp.

The method is straight forward and easy if you follow it diligently, for now, this is the best method to share or transfer any apk to anyone on WhatsApp.

You can use the same method to send different file formats like zip, exe, rar, etc.

If you have issues with the above tutorial or want to appreciate us, comment below and don’t forget to share on Facebook and other social medias.

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Facebook is reportedly getting ready to launch a standalone group video chat app that may resemble Houseparty, according to The Verge. The new app would be called Bonfire and is reportedly aimed for a fall release. Facebook said it had nothing to share at this time.

Two years ago the group video chat app, Houseparty, took off with teenagers — by November 2016 it had 1.2 million users, each spending a whopping 20 minutes a day on it. Houseparty is in the top 200 apps on Apple's U.S. App Store, marking it prime meat for Facebook's next move, which has been on the hunt to buy or mimic other products that do well among young clientele (think its buyout of Instagram or its attempts to mimic Snapchat's features).

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Facebook has made strategic investments in digital features, services and apps that eat at the user growth and success of competing apps or digital companies, like Snapchat, GoFundMe, Periscope, and Apple. Some have argued that the practice raises anti-trust concerns.

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Hello Readers, Today we gonna talk about something we all know. Where we download many apps and games. Google play store

Now let's begin

Version 8.0 of the Google Play Store is rolling out to devices right now and while it doesn't seem to add a ton of new features, it does add one new change that many can appreciate - inline change logs in the app updates menu.

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Google has done quite a bit in the past few versions of Google Play to adjust the app updates screen, adding features like a tabbed UI for updates and your app library as well improving the overall look of that section of the app.

In version 8.0, Google has added the ability to see the changelog for updated apps through this menu. Next to each app there's a small icon that, when pressed, pulls down the changelog for that app within that same screen. It's a pretty simple feature, but it's also something that will really come in handy for some users and also rounds out the overall experience quite a bit as well.

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Google is experimenting with what ads will look like in virtual reality

Similar to how the shift from desktop to mobile required different monetization strategies and ads, the rise of virtual reality content will require another rethink. Google, which is still primarily driven by advertising, is already experimenting with ad designs for the new format.

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Area 120, Google’s internal experiments workshop, is beginning to tackle this problem with a project called Advr and comes as developers are “looking at how to make money to fund their VR applications.”

The first concept for an app advertisement presents users with a small, rotating 3D cube that is plastered with the application’s icon and screenshots. Tapping or gazing at the object for a few seconds will launch a promotional video.
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