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Best 9 Very Useful Tools for Blogger..!!

Hello Readers Here are The Best Very Useful Blogger Tools..




It Includes Gradient Generator , Border Radius , Noise Texture & Box Shadow.

1-Using Gradient Generator We Can Use Multiple Colours and       Opacity to Get Amazing Gradient.
2-Border Radius - Its Super Easy to Use and Super Time Saver.
We can Changeall the Borders selected at the Same Time.
3-Noise Texture - We can Create Subtle Background Patterns with Dirty Pixels and Noise,Changing the colour and Values and Previewing the Results in Real Time.



This tool will generate a complete XML sitemap of your Blogger blog that mentions all your blog posts and not just the recently published blog posts.

Blogger XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps help search engines better index your blog. Sitemaps are supported by all major search engines including Google and Bing.

Blogger Redirection

Blogger blogs now automatically redirect to country-specific blogspot domains but you should enter the main .com address for sitemap generation.  



Link directly to hex color codes. 

Tip:See color combinations by clicking on a link beside:
"Generate Color Scheme".

Click on the boxes at the left side or the link icon to go directly to the url of the hex color.

Visit the Color Chart to see a list of color names.



CSS Filters Effect are a powerful tool that authors can use to achieve varying visual effects (sort of like Photoshop filters for the browser). 
The CSS filter property provides access to effects like blur or color shifting on an element’s rendering before the element is displayed. Filters are commonly used to adjust the rendering of an image, a background, or a border.

It Includes- 
url() - for applying SVG filters
custom() - "coming soon"   



    Using This Tool You Can Configure Arrows 

    Top Right Bottom Left

    Size px

    Border width px
    Border color 



    Easing functions specify the rate of change of a parameter over time.Objects in real life don’t just start and stop instantly, and almost never move at a constant speed. When we open a drawer, we first move it quickly, and slow it down as it comes out. Drop something on the floor, and it will first accelerate downwards, and then bounce back up after hitting the floor.



    Its a quick tool for creating HTML tables out of spreadsheet data.


    Long Shadows Generator are the new trend these days, especially on Dribbble. Now you can apply this style nice and easy to any type of layer. It works with smart objects and it is available in 2 directions at 45 degrees.

    Using CSS/3 icons reduces the HTTP request which in turn decreases your website file size. Also when used on IOS devices, the retina display reflects these icons with great clarity.
    The Icons are Very Effective and Are Awesome to Use in the Site.

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    Everybody talked a lot about Google AdSense, and I also recommended AdSense as one of the best contextual Ad network for your blog. With the quality of Ads, and a safe recurring income, AdSense is one of the safest blog monetisation network.

    But, what happens to people whose AdSense accounts are banned or one who is finding it hard to get an approved AdSense account?

    Is that the end of  making money via blogging for them? In this article, I will be sharing how banned AdSense account or not getting AdSense approval is not as bad as you think.

     AdSense is not as great as you think it is. Now, let me point out the benefits which you will get when you are not using AdSense, and I will give some examples, which might make you believe in my opinion.

    Monetize Your website / BLOG with PropellerAds

    What if you could monetize every single visitor that comes to your website even if he doesn’t click any of your banners? Sounds interesting? Keep reading…

    Today I’m talking about Propeller Ads Media. Propeller is an Ad network that has been working since 2011. Although 4 years isn’t that much for an Ad Network, they now serve 650 million of daily impressions and have several monetization methods for both desktop and mobile traffic. They aren’t small at all.

    In fact, they have so much traffic and publishers that they’re ranked 60 on Alexa (inside the TOP 100 websites with more traffic worldwide). is the domain they use to create the ads and redirects.

    What’s especial with Propeller Ads Media?
    Well… while they have the traditional banner ads like every other network does, they have some very interesting ads that can grow your Revenue substantially.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this kind of Ads, but you unless you’re into CPA you’ve not thought about using them to increase your website earnings. I’m talking about Pop Under Ads.

    Make Money with pop under Ads from PropellerAds

    It’s an Ad that pop ups in a new tab or Window (depends on the browser you use) and shows a landing page. If you have visited streaming websites, download websites and basically any website in the entertainment niche that’s not owned by a big brand, you’ve probably seen pop ups and pop unders.

    However, Propeller uses a less intrusive technology called On Click Pop Under, which means the ad is only triggered after the user clicks anywhere on your website.

    How to get started with Propeller Ads Media

    Propeller Ads Media is a very quick network and the entry barrier is really low. You can sign up and get started in 5 minutes or less.

    Their account approval is instantaneous, they have no minimum traffic requirements and as long as you’re not promoting adult websites or using fake traffic, setting up your first ads is just a matter of minutes.

    First go ahead and sign up for a Publisher account (don’t sign up as an Advertiser) and confirm your email to get access to the dashboard.

    Once you’re inside you’ll have all this options and you’ll see your earnings/impressions/clicks/etc.

    Make sure you go to your Profile settings and fill up your payment method. They accept Payoneer(Payoneer is the best) , Wire, EPESE, Webmoney Z and a few other. Since many people use Paypal they’re going to add it in the next 2-3 months. They minimum payment limit is $100 and they pay on a NET 30 basis (i.e. what you earn on March will be payed at the end of April).

    Next thing you’re going to do is to add your website in the “Sites” menu. Click the “Add new site” button and write your domain name then click “Submit“.

    Propeller will give you an HTML code that you can now paste inside the body of your website (easy thing to do if you use WordPress or any other CMS) and that’s it. Your site will be verified and ready to go.

    Finally, you’re going to choose the type of Ad you want to use so you can add it to your website and start making money! As you can see, Propeller Ads has many ads aside from Popunders. They have the classic banners (in case you’ve been banned from Adsense and can’t use Adversal/Chitika) and they have Direct, Dialog and Interstitial Ads too. I’ll explain how those work in a moment.

    Your website will start showing the Ads you’ve select and you’ll be able to check your stats in Real Time within the stats and Earnings Dashboard:

    Monetize Mobile Traffic

    If you receive a lot of Mobile Traffic you might want to try some of the best Ads I’ve seen. While Adsense and other networks can show smaller banner for mobile devices, they’re not even close to what you can do with Propeller to monetize your mobile traffic.

    Propeller has 2 different ads for mobile:

    1. Interstitial Ads

    This kind of Ads take over the whole screen on a mobile device to show a big banner catching the attention of the reader and increase the CTR by a lot. If you think a CTR of 1-5% is normal with banner ads, you’ll be surprised when you see a CTR of 10-30% with Interstitials.

    Here’s how Interstitial Ads look:

    Average CPM for Mobile Ads goes from $1 to $5 depending on the GEO of your traffic. I’ve seen good rates for Tier 3 countries like TH, IN, SG, VN, etc. So I know they have a good fill rate even if your traffic comes from small tier 3 countries.

    2. Dialog/Push up ads

    You should split interstitial Ads with Propeller’s Dialog Ads. The best way to explain how Dialog/push up ads work is to show you this screenshot:

    As you can see, the Push up Ad looks like a notification message that appears as a Pop Up in your phone. The CTR with this ads is also amazing and the CPM ranges from $1-5. As long as the reader clicks OK, they’ll be redirected to a landing page/offer and you’ll get paid.

    Interesting, isn’t it? This is a totally new different way to monetize your visits and you don’t rely on Banners at all.

    Since most of the apps are promoting mobile apps/services like games and utilities (see images above to get an idea), this kind of ads work better for websites about games and everything mobile related. But you should always test and see if it works for you or not.

    Get started now and sign up with Propeller Ads as a publisher here to get approved and start growing your online business.

    Conclusions: Think out of the box

    As you can see, there are many ways to monetize your traffic. Most people think of affiliate links or banners to promote offers/Amazon/Adsense, but there are dozens of strategies to monetize your traffic and earn more money.

    What Propeller is doing right here is nothing new. Pop Ups and Pop Unders have been available for years with different networks. However, the way they implement it (on click) and their mobile ads are definitely something that you don’t see every day.

    The best thing about pop unders is that the quantity of traffic you have doesn’t matter to get started. Even if you have a few hundred visits per day only, and you receive a few clicks on your banners, you can add some revenue implementing pop unders. Banner CTR is not important anymore.

    If you’ve got a big site that’s earning $50-500 per day already, then you’ve got tons of traffic that will ultimately generate clicks and trigger the pop unders.

    For example, if you’re receiving 20,000 visits per day and doing $200 per day with Adsense or something similar, you could add another $130 with pop unders for a total of $330 per day.

    I was recently talking to a friend who has several high traffic websites ranked for terms like “Watch X series online“, “stream X movies online“, etc. and some of them are doing up to $4,000 per day (HOLY COW!)  just with CPA and pop ups/unders. There’s money to be made, for sure.

    Get started now and sign up with Propeller Ads as a publisher here to get approved and start growing your online business.

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