Since the inception of WhatsApp there have been an ever decreasing use of text message or SMS, the reason is not only as a science or technological breakthrough that you have to crack your brain to figure out, it could easily be traced to the amazing features WhatsApp offer us, that a normal text message could not even



What features could that be? Did I just heard you well you are asking. Anyway I would explain this features and I am going to reveal some amazing tricks that would made you to explore WhatsApp to the maximum, inorder for you to reach a greater heart or feel more exciting when next you are using your WhatsApp.

The amazing features that made WhatsApp more unique and valuable than our regular default text message apps are:
The ability to send multimedia files such as audio, video, photos of all format ranging from Jpg, jpeg, PNG, Gif, mp3 e.t.c
The ability to send files of different format such as doc, pdf etc

And the amazing feature of you sharing out wonderful time of your love ones on your status.

With the introduction of the WhatsApp business account, businesses have been super amazing as you just have to make use of E-commerce even without spending money running ads like others platform.

Below are some WhatsApp tricks that could make WhatsApp more amazing:

Send your location to a contact
In the case where you planned on meeting up with a visitor or a friend of yours that doesn’t know his ways around, this features could come handy when put in maximum use. As its enable users location to be known through the share live features. It also allows you to turn on the duration when you want to be visible at an interval of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
If you are an iOS user follow up with the guide below:
Go to Chat
Then go to a specific chat
Tap on a “+” to the left of the message box
Click on location
Choose the share live location
Then select time frame

Go to chat
Then go to va specific chat
Tap on the paperclip to the right of the message box
Click on location
Click on share live location
Select time frame

You can easily check those that can see your location using the few steps I am about to reveal

Head over to settings
Select Account
Then select Privacy
Click on live location

Search all your contacts
We all knew it could be a tedious process looking for a particular contact but we got you covered with this article but only if you stick to this our guide, which I believe you will.
Look at the top bar
If you are an iOS users you are going to see a search box where you can easily search for the contact or
If you are an Android user you are going to click on the search icon at the top then go ahead and search for what you are looking for.

Make a video or voice call using WhatsApp
You can also make your audio or video call using the steps I am about to reveal to you
For both android and iOS user the steps are the same.
Head over to chat
Go to a specific chat
Press the call icon or video icon in the top right corner

Delete a specific multimedia files such as video, audio, photos of your choice
You can also delete the multimedia files you needed by following this simplified step. Trust me both android and iOS user will find this guide super useful.
Go to settings
Select Data and storage usage
Select contact
Click on manage
Tick your choices
Confirm clear

Find who you talk most
It’s quiet stressful to discover who you chat with most especially if you are the chatting type but with this simplified step, you can easily figure it out.
Android and iOS users are going to find this guide handy
Go to settings
Select Data and storage usage
Select storage usage
Select contact
That is all you needed for that exercise

Use WhatsApp on the web and desktop

This features gives one the opportunity to connect our mobile devices to a desktop to explore more from our WhatsApp
Head over to or you can head over to to download for your desktop version.
Open the WhatsApp on your phone
Head over to settings
Select WhatsApp web or desktop as required by you.
Scan the QR code on the browser or desktop app
Then follow up with the instructions

Hide your profile picture
I knew you love research or sorry rather you love exploring new features, so you may wish to try this out, inorder to place restriction on who can see your profile picture
iOS and Android user will find this steps useful
Go to settings account
Select Privacy
Then comes profile photo

Change the wallpaper on your screen
I observed this days all my friends have this amazing looks on their chat screen. I feel like throwing away my android device thinking it was outdated, I never knew it was just a feature. I don’t know maybe we are in the same awkward situation, then you can now roll with them. Thank God you just smile!
iOS user
Go to Settings
Select chats
Select wallpaper
Choose wallpaper library, solid colours or photos.
Android user:
Go to settings
Select chats
Select chat wallpaper
Choose wallpaper library, solid colours, gallery, default or no wallpaper

These are just few out of the amazing tricks.
I hope you find them useful.



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