If you are probably using your Facebook account for business or any other use it’s advisable that you should keep on reading this article. We all know that what makes a business grow and become solid is people so it would be great for you to know who and who unfriend or deleted you as friends, it helps to adjust your ways or probably made those changes that would prevent you from losing future prospects. Or maybe you are like me who follows the big guns or the top guys in your area of expertise, you are likely understood the importance of checking out who unfriend or deleted you as friend it might be due to a post, comment or some silly mistake you made that made them unfriend you. So you can make those changes to avoid being deleted or unfriended by others.

Here are some simple guide you can follow:

We all knew Facebook is yet to add a feature that reads “who deleted me as friends”. That maybe one of the reasons you are interested in checking out this article or research purposes as the case might be.

1). Messenger app: The messenger app is the Facebook messaging app that has made chatting super easy.

Follow this easy guide below:

-Head to the messenger app

-Then search for the friend you are looking for by typing in their name e.g “Mark Jones” it would show our fiction user as a list of People still present on the Facebook app but if you did not see his account there is a probability he is no longer using the app or he has blocked you. In the case where our fiction user have blocked you, there is no way you can start a conversation with him.

-If you have once chatted with the Facebook account e.g “Mark Jones” if our fiction mark has unfriend or deleted you as friend then his profile picture or display picture will be showing a grey picture and his name would become group message.

2). Using the Facebook app: you may have to login to your account for you to follow up with this guide.

-Head over to the Facebook search bar and search for the account e.g mark Jones.

-If mark have not deleted his own account or blocked you, he would appear in the suggested account though he may no longer be a friend of yours.

– Then you can be able to finalize whether you have been deleted or not.

3). Who Deleted Me App: You may decide to make use of this amazing application called “who deleted me”.

BuzzFeed has spotted “Who Deleted Me,” an app that shows users who has unfriended them or deactivated their Facebook accounts. It has been added as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or the app can be downloaded to iOS and Android device

Go to who.deleted.me

and then click on login with facebook. It will take you to your Facebook profile, give it access to your account.  Aside finding who deleted you on Facebook, Who.deleted.me also shows stats and graph, which shows how the number of your friends graph increased or decreased over the time.

4.  using a paid iPhone app called Who deleted me. Though, this app lacks historical data but if you are an iOS user and don’t mind paying for paid app, you can try out this app.

Over to you, which of the app have you used or do you have anyone youre using that is not listed here? Kindly share with us

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