Hello TweakBlasters, Been a while now. I brought to you how to earn Unlimyed money into your bank Account with Just #3000
See the steps below.

What Is Recad Media?

 Recad Media is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing. Recad Media Inc is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers content by sharing its revenue with her members thereby creating an effective means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency.

How Do Recad Media Generate Their Revenue?

They  generate revenue through paid ads from their clients whichthey also use to fund their Affiliate Publishers.

 They advertise companies products and services like every other advertising company

 What Do I Need To Be A Member Of Recad Media?

• Active Facebook Account

• #3000

 How Do I Earn In Recad Media?

 In recad media, we earn in two ways

1) For every post you share from the site to your Facebook which is advertising post you earn #400. In a day you can share minimum of 1 post or maximum of 5 posts ie in a day you can earn between #400 - #2000 just in few minutes.

2) You can earn by referring someone. For every one person you refer you get #1000

 Can I Get Paid Daily Or Monthly?

 It all depends on you.


1) for every person you refer you can get the ref bonus that day if you click on withdraw

2) You can cash out your share/earn earnings ie your #400 when it accumulates to #6000. It is easy cos in 3 days you have the #6000.

3) Assuming you have #800 or less than #6000 in your share and earn and you refer someone, then you can cashout both the ref bonus and the share and earn not upto #6000.
So interesting

Is The #3000 To Be Paid Once In A  Year, A Day Or A Month?

You pay #3000 just once in a month. After a month you will resubscribe i.e pay another #3000 if you wish to continue

Must I refer?

Not a most. Just share the Facebook advert and earn your #400 per share without stress

Is Recad Media A Reality?

Yes and i say yes, it is a reality

Easy Step To Step On How To Register

1) Click Here To Register

2) Go To Menu (The 3 lines At The Right Top), Click On Register

3) You Can Pay With Your Debit Card(ATM) That's So Easy

4) Fill Your Form

Then you are good to go.

Welcome To Recad Media

 How To Share Your Advert On Facebook

1) Click on share and earn

2) Click on Facebook icon

3) An advert will pop up

4) Click on post

5) Your #400 will be smiling at you

Click HERE to register and start Earning 

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