If you are probably using your Facebook account for business or any other use it’s advisable that you should keep on reading this article. We all know that what makes a business grow and become solid is people so it would be great for you to know who and who unfriend or deleted you as friends, it helps to adjust your ways or probably made those changes that would prevent you from losing future prospects. Or maybe you are like me who follows the big guns or the top guys in your area of expertise, you are likely understood the importance of checking out who unfriend or deleted you as friend it might be due to a post, comment or some silly mistake you made that made them unfriend you. So you can make those changes to avoid being deleted or unfriended by others.

Here are some simple guide you can follow:

We all knew Facebook is yet to add a feature that reads “who deleted me as friends”. That maybe one of the reasons you are interested in checking out this article or research purposes as the case might be.

1). Messenger app: The messenger app is the Facebook messaging app that has made chatting super easy.

Follow this easy guide below:

-Head to the messenger app

-Then search for the friend you are looking for by typing in their name e.g “Mark Jones” it would show our fiction user as a list of People still present on the Facebook app but if you did not see his account there is a probability he is no longer using the app or he has blocked you. In the case where our fiction user have blocked you, there is no way you can start a conversation with him.

-If you have once chatted with the Facebook account e.g “Mark Jones” if our fiction mark has unfriend or deleted you as friend then his profile picture or display picture will be showing a grey picture and his name would become group message.

2). Using the Facebook app: you may have to login to your account for you to follow up with this guide.

-Head over to the Facebook search bar and search for the account e.g mark Jones.

-If mark have not deleted his own account or blocked you, he would appear in the suggested account though he may no longer be a friend of yours.

– Then you can be able to finalize whether you have been deleted or not.

3). Who Deleted Me App: You may decide to make use of this amazing application called “who deleted me”.

BuzzFeed has spotted “Who Deleted Me,” an app that shows users who has unfriended them or deactivated their Facebook accounts. It has been added as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or the app can be downloaded to iOS and Android device

Go to who.deleted.me

and then click on login with facebook. It will take you to your Facebook profile, give it access to your account.  Aside finding who deleted you on Facebook, Who.deleted.me also shows stats and graph, which shows how the number of your friends graph increased or decreased over the time.

4.  using a paid iPhone app called Who deleted me. Though, this app lacks historical data but if you are an iOS user and don’t mind paying for paid app, you can try out this app.

Over to you, which of the app have you used or do you have anyone youre using that is not listed here? Kindly share with us

Since the inception of WhatsApp there have been an ever decreasing use of text message or SMS, the reason is not only as a science or technological breakthrough that you have to crack your brain to figure out, it could easily be traced to the amazing features WhatsApp offer us, that a normal text message could not even



What features could that be? Did I just heard you well you are asking. Anyway I would explain this features and I am going to reveal some amazing tricks that would made you to explore WhatsApp to the maximum, inorder for you to reach a greater heart or feel more exciting when next you are using your WhatsApp.

The amazing features that made WhatsApp more unique and valuable than our regular default text message apps are:
The ability to send multimedia files such as audio, video, photos of all format ranging from Jpg, jpeg, PNG, Gif, mp3 e.t.c
The ability to send files of different format such as doc, pdf etc

And the amazing feature of you sharing out wonderful time of your love ones on your status.

With the introduction of the WhatsApp business account, businesses have been super amazing as you just have to make use of E-commerce even without spending money running ads like others platform.

Below are some WhatsApp tricks that could make WhatsApp more amazing:

Send your location to a contact
In the case where you planned on meeting up with a visitor or a friend of yours that doesn’t know his ways around, this features could come handy when put in maximum use. As its enable users location to be known through the share live features. It also allows you to turn on the duration when you want to be visible at an interval of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
If you are an iOS user follow up with the guide below:
Go to Chat
Then go to a specific chat
Tap on a “+” to the left of the message box
Click on location
Choose the share live location
Then select time frame

Go to chat
Then go to va specific chat
Tap on the paperclip to the right of the message box
Click on location
Click on share live location
Select time frame

You can easily check those that can see your location using the few steps I am about to reveal

Head over to settings
Select Account
Then select Privacy
Click on live location

Search all your contacts
We all knew it could be a tedious process looking for a particular contact but we got you covered with this article but only if you stick to this our guide, which I believe you will.
Look at the top bar
If you are an iOS users you are going to see a search box where you can easily search for the contact or
If you are an Android user you are going to click on the search icon at the top then go ahead and search for what you are looking for.

Make a video or voice call using WhatsApp
You can also make your audio or video call using the steps I am about to reveal to you
For both android and iOS user the steps are the same.
Head over to chat
Go to a specific chat
Press the call icon or video icon in the top right corner

Delete a specific multimedia files such as video, audio, photos of your choice
You can also delete the multimedia files you needed by following this simplified step. Trust me both android and iOS user will find this guide super useful.
Go to settings
Select Data and storage usage
Select contact
Click on manage
Tick your choices
Confirm clear

Find who you talk most
It’s quiet stressful to discover who you chat with most especially if you are the chatting type but with this simplified step, you can easily figure it out.
Android and iOS users are going to find this guide handy
Go to settings
Select Data and storage usage
Select storage usage
Select contact
That is all you needed for that exercise

Use WhatsApp on the web and desktop

This features gives one the opportunity to connect our mobile devices to a desktop to explore more from our WhatsApp
Head over to https://web.whatsapp.com/ or you can head over to Whatsapp.com/download/ to download for your desktop version.
Open the WhatsApp on your phone
Head over to settings
Select WhatsApp web or desktop as required by you.
Scan the QR code on the browser or desktop app
Then follow up with the instructions

Hide your profile picture
I knew you love research or sorry rather you love exploring new features, so you may wish to try this out, inorder to place restriction on who can see your profile picture
iOS and Android user will find this steps useful
Go to settings account
Select Privacy
Then comes profile photo

Change the wallpaper on your screen
I observed this days all my friends have this amazing looks on their chat screen. I feel like throwing away my android device thinking it was outdated, I never knew it was just a feature. I don’t know maybe we are in the same awkward situation, then you can now roll with them. Thank God you just smile!
iOS user
Go to Settings
Select chats
Select wallpaper
Choose wallpaper library, solid colours or photos.
Android user:
Go to settings
Select chats
Select chat wallpaper
Choose wallpaper library, solid colours, gallery, default or no wallpaper

These are just few out of the amazing tricks.
I hope you find them useful.

Now there is an official confirmation from the CEO of OLX in Asia, Middle East and Africa, Sjoerd Nikkelen,  that OLX has truly shut down physical operations in Nigeria. He was quoted by a technology news site, techpoint, to have said :
We made a difficult but important decision in Nigeria to consolidate our operations between some of our offices internationally.
Our marketplace will continue to operate here — uninterrupted — as it has since 2010, and we remain committed to the many people here who use our platform to buy and sell every month. We continue to be focused on constantly innovating to make sure that OLX remains the top classifieds platform in the country.
Of course, we are committed to helping our affected colleagues during this transition and have already offered them meaningful financial and other support. As we’ve expressed to them directly, we are extremely grateful for their many significant contributions to OLX’s success.
OLX is a global classifieds platform, with physical presence in nearly 40 countries and is now shutting down all offices in Africa except the one in South Africa. Operations in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya are going to be affected by this announcement.

According to a report on Innovation Village, staff in these offices have been informed today and are expected to fully move out by the end of March 2018. The same report says OLX will still be present in these countries but will be run remotely and at press time, the Nigerian and Kenyan websites of OLX are still up and running.

OLX is owned by the Multinational media group and investor Naspers investors in MultiChoice (operators of the DStv and GOtv satellite televisions — and the recently acquired Konga).
Hello TweakBlasters, Been a while now. I brought to you how to earn Unlimyed money into your bank Account with Just #3000
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What Is Recad Media?

 Recad Media is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing. Recad Media Inc is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers content by sharing its revenue with her members thereby creating an effective means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency.

How Do Recad Media Generate Their Revenue?

They  generate revenue through paid ads from their clients whichthey also use to fund their Affiliate Publishers.

 They advertise companies products and services like every other advertising company

 What Do I Need To Be A Member Of Recad Media?

• Active Facebook Account

• #3000

 How Do I Earn In Recad Media?

 In recad media, we earn in two ways

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2) You can earn by referring someone. For every one person you refer you get #1000

 Can I Get Paid Daily Or Monthly?

 It all depends on you.


1) for every person you refer you can get the ref bonus that day if you click on withdraw

2) You can cash out your share/earn earnings ie your #400 when it accumulates to #6000. It is easy cos in 3 days you have the #6000.

3) Assuming you have #800 or less than #6000 in your share and earn and you refer someone, then you can cashout both the ref bonus and the share and earn not upto #6000.
So interesting

Is The #3000 To Be Paid Once In A  Year, A Day Or A Month?

You pay #3000 just once in a month. After a month you will resubscribe i.e pay another #3000 if you wish to continue

Must I refer?

Not a most. Just share the Facebook advert and earn your #400 per share without stress

Is Recad Media A Reality?

Yes and i say yes, it is a reality

Easy Step To Step On How To Register

1) Click Here To Register

2) Go To Menu (The 3 lines At The Right Top), Click On Register

3) You Can Pay With Your Debit Card(ATM) That's So Easy

4) Fill Your Form

Then you are good to go.

Welcome To Recad Media

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How To Unlock Your Facebook Account Once It Locked
Hello TweakBlasters. Am going to talk about the usefulness of Social Media

Put simply, social networking is a way for one person to meet up with other people on the Net. That's not all. though, Some people use social networking sites for meeting new friends on the Net. Other's use it to find old friends. Then there are those who use it to find people who have the same problems or interests they have, this is called niche networking.

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What's Niche Networking?

A niche is a specialized group of something larger.

So niche networking sites are specialized groups of social networking sites. There are niche networking sites for people who want to learn a language and niche networking sites for people who want to control their finances. There are niche networking sites on all sorts of topics. You can probably find a niche networking site on just about anything.

A good example of a niche networking site would be Athlete Focus. This is a niche networking site just for athletes that are into action type sports. Another example of a niche networking site is 43Things which is a niche networking site set up for people who have goals they want to accomplish.

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How Do I Find Old Friends?

It's fun, especially for us of the "older" crowd, to go on social networking sites and hunt down old friends that we've lost contact with over the years, you can do that easily from Facebook.

What's Out There Besides Facebook

There are many social platform out there apart Facebook. They as include Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat even 2go for old time is still a social platform will use reach a Friends.

What Will I Get Out of Social Networking?

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Friendship, community, a sense of belonging. Help with a problem or information on a condition you may have. People who like the same things you like or listen to the same music you listen to or need the same thing you need. A place to add your photos, let people view your videos and listen to your favorite music. What more could you want?


As said above you should join a social media now. There are plenty of things to do online.
Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to the number of users in the world. In order to maintain heavy number of user accounts, Facebook implements extreme security measures to control fake IDs, privacy intrusion and cyber stalking.

If your account is also temporarily locked, you must follow the instructions described below to unlock your profile:

1. On your favorite browser, open Facebook.com

2. On the homepage that opens up, input account details to login.

3. On the security page that opens up, select Get help from friends.

4. On the trusted contacts page that opens up, select few friends who you know in person and who are directly in contact with you.

Once done, click on Continue.

Once you do so, Facebook will send a security code to all the friends who you have just selected.

After this, your task will be to contact those friends, and request them to send you the code that they have received from Facebook.
Once you gather all the codes from your friends, you can use the code to unlock your Facebook account.

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Apart from the above, there can be many other options to unlock your temporary locked Facebook account. However, the method you use to successfully unlock your account might also depend on the reason because of which your Facebook account was locked. In some cases, you might need to try different methods of unlocking your Facebook account.

By now you should be able to unlock your Facebook successfully.
If you need any help regard the issue use the comment box below.

Share with friends and family, you might help someone by sharing

With PES 2018 manufacturer Konami offers a fresh offshoot of the popular football simulation Pro Evolution Soccer. The game appears for PC, PS4 and Xbox One - for the older consoles PS3 and Xbox 360, the game also appears. The release date is set for 14 September 2018 . The game is much slower than in its predecessor PES 2017. The developers place great emphasis on a realistic simulation. Double strikes feel more powerful, player types differ more clearly. Konami has also refereed in the stadium atmosphere. In the case of official partnerships such as Borussia Dortmund or Liverpool, the Signal Iduna Park as well as the legendary Anfield Road were reconstructed in every detail.

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This year, legends are also featured for the first time. In addition to former mega-stars such as Diego Maradona, the partner clubs in PES 2018 also get their own club legends. Apart from Carles Puyol from FC Barcelona or Ian Rush from Liverpool, Lars Ricken or Michael Zorc from Borussia Dortmund are also starting. In terms of German teams, players in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 are looking forward to Schalke 04 or RB Leipzig in addition to BVB. The Bundesliga record holder FC Bayern Munich is not included in the game due to the partnership with genre-competitor FIFA 18 .

PES 2018 - Release & Demo version

PES Demo from August 30th to downloadSource: KonamiIn the course ofGamescom, Konami announced that a PES 2018 demo will be released on August 30th for PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, PC players have to do without a demo. The playable demoversion is just the same version, which Konami also presented at the Cologne fair for testing. They use Borussia Dortmund, FC Liverpool or Inter Milan for test matches. Official release date of PES 2018 is September 14th, 2017. The game will appear on this date for PC as well as the consoles PS4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. APro Evolution Soccer 2018 version for Nintendo Switch is currently not planned.

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